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"a pair to katie mcgrath, please? :3"

jensen ackles, matt davis, michael trevino, matt barr —heartdrum

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"Could you please give me a few options for Ariana Grande :) Thanks!"

matt barr, max irons, steven mcqueen, kyle gallner. —heartdrum

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"who would you guys pair off with mary elizabeth winstead?"

asker: Anonymous

tom welling, ashton kutcher, ed westwick, or john patrick amedori. —heartdrum

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#questions answered

some of these questions are really old, so we apologize for the wait, but we’re going to answer them and hope it helps anyway. if not, hopefully next time we’ll be on top of these.

anon asked - who would you pair with mika? i see him with shay mitchell or lucy hale, becky lou filip, or frankie sandford.

anon asked - who would you pair with matt smith? zooey deschanel, pixie lott, olivia wilde, or odette yutsman.

anon asked - so i have a lights/Luke pasqualino pairing, and i need someone to be the other man, someone who can play a male nurse. any ideas? (i have a light/luke pairing too) how about adrian greenier, dave franco, or mark salling.

anon asked - who would you pair with annasophia robb? nicholas hoult, jake abel, michael cera, william mosely. 

anon asked - Who do you think would make a good younger brother for Jared Padalecki? i’m coming up mostly blank right now. maybe logan lerman or devin oliver.

anon asked - Who would you pair with Gabrielle Union? jude law, ben barnes, ryan reynolds, shamar moore.

anon asked - Who would you pair with Sandra Bullock? ben affleck, brad pitt, jude law, gaspard ulliel.

anon asked - hello, this is that anon who asked for the asian actors/actresses :)
I just wanted to say my thanks~ … you’re more than welcome, a thank you goes out to the people who actually answered. :]

anon asked - who do you think would go well with a Ksenia Solo character? i haven’t seen black swan so i’m basing this purely off looks. william beckett, steven strait, sebastian stan, or ryan gosling.

anon asked - who do you think would make a good crackship with imogen poots? ben barnes, ben wishaw, orlando bloom, gaspard ulliel.

anon asked - Are you still accepting RPG ads? :) Thanks! when we are accepting submissions again then yes; i’ll be making an announcement / reminder and then turning it back on. 

anon asked - I LOVE YOUR BLOG :) thank you! that means a lot to us; we’re trying to get back into gear.

anon asked - Who would you pair with a Diane Kruger? The man I’m thinking of requesting for her would be charming, arrogant, very high class. Someone sophisticated. The only person I could think of was someone like Matt Bomer, but I’m not so sure how much I like that pairing. i like matt bomer for that. also robert buckley, josh duhamel, sebastian stan, or ryan reynolds.

anon asked- omg<3. I love this site, :3 Mind doing a tutorial on how to do manips <3. Like if two people were together in a picture :D … i have no idea when you asked this so sorry about the wait. but i’ll do that sometime soon, it’s a little complicated so it’s going to be a wait still. but not nearly as long. just a couple days or so. but thanks for the compliment and we’ll get on that.  

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"you're fave actor and actress?"

we love so many it’s hard to choose. i’m going to go with james mcavoy and johnny depp. but there’s so much love to go around, tons and tons of people lol. —heartdrum

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pairing tips 

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#how to pair

So we get a lot of ‘who would you pair' questions. Which is fun the first, maybe, fifty times and then it just gets a little stressful. It's not that we mind, we don't, it's just that a lot of people look good with a lot of other people. There's no right answer. So it's all kind of a personal choice depending on who you're interested in and what you want the ship to be like and the personality of the other person you imagined. If all of that makes sense.

if you guys are simply looking for names, a few suggestions -

Really there’s no secret, it’s just whatever looks good, and if it makes you happy then there’s no wrong answer here. This is not to say that you can’t ask our opinion because we don’t want to answer, it’s just some tips to further enhance your ability to decide without waiting on us to add our input. I hope it helps! :]

- heartdrum

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"two questions: who would you say looks like James Franco's older sister of a few years, and who would you pair with Jessica Capshaw?"

older sister - odette yutsman, olivia wilde, emily deschanel.

jessica pairings - milo ventimiglia, josh hartnett, josh duhamel, mat bomer, ryan kwanten.


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5 / 14 / 2011 -

— tiara & mandy

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"Who would you pair Haley Ramm that isn't Logan Lerman or Alex Pettyfer?

By the way i love your blog! ;D"

hunter parrish, darren kagasoff, shiloh fernandez, iwan rheon, luke grimes. —heartdrum

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"Would you be able to help me out with who would be a good love interest for Emily Browning besides Alex Pettyfer, Gaspard Ulliel and Alex Pettyfer?

asker: untoldgrace

james franco, alexander skarsgard, zooey deschanel, dianna agron, carey mulligan, taylor kitsch, josh hartnett. —heartdrum

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